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    Developmental Phonics

    By the end of this course your child will be able to read and write simple basic English. If your child came through our Foundational Phonics course they will be familiar with the basic letter sounds. This course will begin with the letter sound 's.'   This is their very first letter they will learn.  Your child will start to learn correct letter formation for each new letter sound through writing.  Flashcards will be used to help reinforce letter learning alongside colouring, air writing, letter shaping with playdough and a short story on each new letter.  
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    Language Acquisition

    Advanced phonics, simple grammar, comprehension and vocabulary are the topics of this course alongside reading, writing and spelling. Advanced phonics will cover in more detail both short and long vowels.  We will cover digraphs and trigraphs too and tricky words.  Tricky words are words that can't really be broken down into individual sounds but rather have to be learnt as whole words. During this course your child will start learning simple grammar for kids.  It's really not as difficult as it may sound-grammar. While reading and writing it's important to know if word and sentence comprehension learning is taking place instead of guesswork.  
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    Phonics Foundation Skills

    A solid, strong foundation is crucial to build on and this phonics course is no different. Reading and writing is a skill and like every skill, has to be learned.  Your child will start from the very beginning, which is pre-writing skills.  Alongside this they will start to learn the basic English alphabet letter sounds starting with the letter-Ss as in s/n/a/k/e.