Developmental Phonics

By the end of this course your child will be able to read and write simple basic English. If your child came through our Foundational Phonics course they will be familiar with the basic letter sounds. This course will begin with the letter sound 's.'   This is their very first letter they will learn.  Your child will start to learn correct letter formation for each new letter sound through writing.  Flashcards will be used to help reinforce letter learning alongside colouring, air writing, letter shaping with playdough and a short story on each new letter.  
· 20/10/2021

There is so much content to cover that this course really is a two-year progressive course.

Our Phonics course covers 12 Units.

In this course we will cover Units 1 – 5

Our Foundational Phonics course is about correct pencil grip, correct pre-writing skills and learning the basic English letter sounds.  This course, Developmental Phonics is really where your child will begin to shine.  This is where they put their correct writing skills to use in letter formation.  This is where they begin to connect the letter sounds to words as in-s/a/t for sat.  This is where they learn about page awareness, letter space awareness, sentences, vowels, alphabet, capital letters and ultimately how to read, write and spell simple basic English correctly.

The sequence of letter sounds are: s, a, t, i, p, n, c, k, ck, e, h, r and m.  This is the first Unit.  There are 12 Units in total.


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