Language Acquisition

Advanced phonics, simple grammar, comprehension and vocabulary are the topics of this course alongside reading, writing and spelling. Advanced phonics will cover in more detail both short and long vowels.  We will cover digraphs and trigraphs too and tricky words.  Tricky words are words that can't really be broken down into individual sounds but rather have to be learnt as whole words. During this course your child will start learning simple grammar for kids.  It's really not as difficult as it may sound-grammar. While reading and writing it's important to know if word and sentence comprehension learning is taking place instead of guesswork.  
· 20/10/2021

In this course we will cover Units 6 – 12  and take a closer look at phonics in more advanced detail.  We will look at short and long vowels and their different variations.  Learning the vowels can be a course in itself.  I have seen consistently in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders unable to read, write and spell correctly when it comes to alternative vowel words.  Instead they guess.

We will start simple grammar in this course and it’s not as difficult as it sounds-starting with Unit 1 Nouns & Articles followed by Subject Pronouns & the Verb Be.  Moving on next to, Pronouns, Present Simple and finally onto Modal Verb Can & Prepositions.

All-in-all from beginning Foundational Phonics through to Language Acquisition takes 3 to 4 years to complete.  By the end of this course your child will have a solid foundation in the English language.

Although in class it can be relaxed, casual and fun, this is a very serious course with a lot of work, which may seem intense and often times repetitive and your child may ask ‘why am I doing this?’  In the end, they will have a better, concrete understanding of English, which will prepare them for the road ahead than most of their classmates.


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